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The 'Blessed HOPE' Story
Updated: Jul 12, 2017

The Blessed HOPE SDA church is a Body of believers who anticipate and are preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
The establishment of this church is the result of the 2015 merger between the former Maranatha SDA Church of Downtown
Cincinnati and the Emmanuel New Life SDA Chuch of Hartwell Cincinnati. The consideration of this merger revealed that a
combination of many strengths and shared goals would be most effective if following the common vision to be the bearers of
Blessed HOPE.
After its establishment, the church continued weekly Devine Worship Services under a lease agreement with the Unity Christian
Church at 8359 Burns Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio 45237 in Hartwell. After years of persistent prayer and planning, the Blessed HOPE Church now has finally purchased a building located at 1608 Summit Road Cincinnati Oh 45237 from where its ambition is focused to bringing the brightest hope to the darkest of places. Working together under the administration of the Alleghany West Conference and in
harmony other Seventh Day Adventist organizations we intend to help fulfill the great commission; and neither Country or County,
mountain or valley, Head nor heart will be overlooked in our efforts to build up and preserve the Kingdom of God until he comes...